The BUILDING Process

The Custom Home Building Process in Columbia, Illinois

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Building From Start to Finish

Being a small company, we are set up so the owner is able to meet with you one-on-one through the entire building process. In the beginning phase, you will meet to determine what you are looking for in a new home, including size, location, style and rough pricing. Garrett is able to offer guidance on all of these. Whether it be in one of our developed subdivisions or your current or future lot, Garrett will meet you to walk the lot together to discuss what can be built on the lot and together you can start formulating your dream house.

Inspiring Ideas Available

We have many stocked plans we use and can customize to your specific needs. If we don’t have a plan you like, we have a local designer that can create custom floor plans for you. Next, we can assist you in finding construction building financing for your new home. If the home is located in one of our developments, we will finance the home from start to finish.

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Building Your Home

Then the fun starts with the actual building of your custom home! We will stake it out and get the permits to dig. We will give you guidance on when to choose colors and the style for the exterior of the home. As the framing continues, the customizing sometimes changes a bit and buyers decide they want something a little different. As a smaller company, we can typically do this with no charge or a very nominal fee, where the big boys have massive change orders to sign.

Working With Professionals

Next steps involve you doing a walk-through with the electrician to layout the home as well as meeting with the cabinet designer and flooring company. Each contractor has people specifically there to help you with the selections and style you are looking for in the home. We continue to work diligently with you and the contractors until the house construction is complete. Finally, we hand you the keys to your fabulous new home built by Garrett & Herschel E. Johnson Real Estate and Development, LLC.

Our Home Warranty

With ALL homes we build, we include a one-year warranty. You will have much longer warranties from manufacturers on many other items in the home.

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